Our greatest goal with Cine-Skool is to help our friends apply what they have learned on a very real level. A large part of the experience is where those involved get into small groups and work to create a masterpiece. In Dallas we had some amazing talent, both in the film makers and the subjects. The main objective (aside of having fun, of course) was to tell a true story, both verbally and visually, that is compelling, moving and illustrates the true personality of the subject. We are so proud of these film makers and what they were able to create in a matter of 48 hours. Divided into three small groups, armed with all the necessary story telling equipment provided by LensRentals.com, in their sweet little Shoot Sacs, they journeyed into the surroundings of big old Texas, and worked their beautiful magic.

Of course we couldn't have done it without The Music Bed supplying the incredible tunes that edited to. Also the films would not be what they are visually without the help of New Blue FX filters. PluralEyes software also allowed to the groups to sync their multi-angle interviews, in a matter of minutes. We have the best sponsors in the industry... just sayin.

Also a huge thank you to Da Smiz, Jonny Adams and Kayti Edwards, for pouring their hearts into the projects and being such tubular people!

Sit back, relax and eat some tacos because it is our pleasure to present to you the creations of Cine-Skool Dallas!

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