eskuché Releases Film Short Featuring A New Song by Throne Of Blood's Populette

As part of their Obsessive Compulsive Frequency (OCF) series of music-related projects, Los Angeles' premium headphone manufacturer, eskuché, has released their first short film. In sticking with the established 70s industrial design characteristics of its products, the video was inspired by the legendary sci-fi flick, George Lucas' THX1138. “Inspired” is certainly the operative word here, though: while the basic premise is similar—in an apocalyptic future, female androids are controlled by a council of genetically modified human forms that possess no arms, but, rather, an advance form of telepathy, allowing them to manipulate matter with their minds—the short was filmed in several particularly barren, desolate, and dilapidated auto mobile factories, as well as a theater in Detroit. Also, in lieu of Robert Duvall, Maggie McOmie, and Don Pedro Colley as the protagonists, there is only one main character, a female android whose only purpose in this future is to adhere to the dance regiment as dictated by her human-like controllers, the “zentards.”

The film bounces back and forth from zentard HQ to the protagonist’s dancing quarters until, finally, "she" breaks free of their grip and escapes into the outside world to find a landscape filled with color, sunlight, and the nonuniform.

The video was fittingly shot and directed by Mark Paul Deren (aka Madsteez) and produced by Andrew Schwartz, using 8mm film, which was shot by Jack Coleman, a tube camera from the 80s, as well as super-crisp HD. The ethereal, moody original score was composed by Kevin Burwick, and the featured track—Populette's “Lasers Are Forever,” a dark, contemplative house boogie we only wish had been in THX1138—was provided courtesy of the Rapture's record label, Throne Of Blood. It only makes sense that eskuché would partner with TOB, one of New York City's premier dance music imprints, for the song seeing as Detroit is renowned for the mark it made on the genre in the 80s and 90s.

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