"An honest look at compromise, indecision and lapses in judgment." – Marie Lyn Bernard, Nerve.com

"When Penny Lane asked women to talk about their experiences for her film The Abortion Diaries, their responses challenged her preconceptions — and they just might change yours, too." – Shawn Stone, Metroland

"Clear-eyed and surprisingly compelling . . . the kind of thing you'd like to force Hillary "sad, even tragic" Clinton to watch." – Annie Wagner, Seattle Stranger

THE ABORTION DIARIES is a documentary featuring 12 women who speak candidly about their experiences with abortion. The women are doctors, subway workers, artists, activists, military personnel, teachers and students; they are Black, Latina, Jewish and White; they are mothers or child-free; they range in age from 19 to 54. Their stories weave together with the filmmaker's diary entries to present a compelling, moving and at times surprisingly funny "dinner party" where the audience is invited to hear what women say behind closed doors about motherhood, medical technology, sex, spirituality, love, work and their own bodies.

Since the film's release in October 2005, hundreds and hundreds (thousands?) college groups, health providers, feminist centers, community media centers, and churches in 42 U.S. states and around the world have used THE ABORTION DIARIES as a way to promote a healthy dialogue about abortion in their communities. Screenings have consistently drawn large and passionate crowds of people from all walks of life and all generations who engage in eye-opening, inspired discussion about what reproductive freedom means to all of us.

I am very happy, as of January 2012, to provide the entire film here for free! However, if you love the film and want to share with others, please consider buying a DVD. 100% OF ALL DVD SALES OF THIS FILM SUPPORT BACKLINE, A PREGNANCY COUNSELING SERVICE. The Backline TalkLine offers a safe and confidential space for women and their loved ones to talk openly about pregnancy, abortion, adoption and parenting. They provide unbiased and unconditional support before, during and after your pregnancy experience, no matter which options you are considering or what decisions you make. You can call them toll free from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. 1-888-493-0092

Purchase a DVD here: yourbackline.org/abortiondiaries.html

More information can be found at:

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