Fusiform Polyphony is a series of 6 robotic sculptures that compose their own music with input from participant images. Micro video cameras mounted on these robots, move toward people’s body heat and faces while capturing human snapshots. These images are digitally processed and pixelated and turned into a constantly evolving generative soundscape, where facial features are turned into sound melody and rhythm.

These robots take the multicultural makeup of any city and have the unique look of each person to create a different soundscape. Each “face song” joining with other facial soundscapes creates an overall sonic human / robot experience.

These elements fused manifest the viewer as participant / actor / contributor and conductor in defining new ways of interacting with robots and creating a unique sonic and live action robotics / video environment.

These were invited by Curator Shirley Madill for Nuit Blanche 2011 and commissioned by Scotia Bank and the City of Toronto.

They premiered in Yonge Dundas Square November 1, 2011

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