Aesthetic Medicine Minute with Dr. Darm - Rosacea
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Our center has performed over 10,000 rosacea treatments. We have now added a 1064 laser to our protocol which has dramatically increased the efficacy of treatment sessions. Once the unsightly spider veins and small red bumps are removed, flair-ups are dramatically reduced. Flushing is harder to completely eliminate but can be significantly reduced. The treatment itself helps to smooth the skin and repair some of the damage caused by Rosacea. Significant clearing takes 3-7 treatments but improvement is seen with each treatment. Occasionally, more difficult cases can take 10-15 treatments to clear. The treatments currently used are relatively painless with little or no downtime.

Touch up treatment will need to be performed periodically to keep the Rosacea under control. Appointments are usually scheduled 2-4 weeks apart until the desired results are achieved. Patients have traveled from all over the world to have treatments performed by Dr. Darm at Aesthetic Medicine because of his success.

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