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Nero - Departure
Need You (Centra remix)

This is my follow up to last year's H2O (H20 Full Feature) video which recieved over 75k views at this point! I teamed up with Euromedian this year and changed up my arsenal of camera gear. The weather this year was less than desirable but the show and strip itself was extremely enjoyable. This years video is aimed towards higher quality content, so it will not be the thirty minute showcase like last year. It was great to meet so many new people and finally have the chance to talk to friends for the first time in person. The cars and projects that people are working on seem to get more insane each year. It's also great to see that the quantity of the quality cars is growing as well! I know this is the show that almost every young car enthustast on the East Coast looks forward to each year, so get ready for the nostalgia to hit you, and enjoy.

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