This is a rough outline to help people understand where 'LoveWork®' has come from in Paul's own personal, public private & professional 'evolution' as an actor, artist, enabler & community change entrepreneur.

Paul believes
We are all actors; because we each create our futures.
We are all artists; because until we act, others create our future.
We are all entrepreneurs; because life is a business that impacts (& is impacted by) community.
and that
Mindful Human Beings who 'Love the work they do', 'Do the work they love' and who 'Work to make LOVE visible', are what the world needs now...

As we enter a 'climate of change' ,
we must decide what we LOVE
and how we will WORK
to create more sustainable human futures.

Paul is a father of 4 children who lives in Bayside Brisbane, SEQ, Australia.

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