Demo of SimSOM Pre-Alpha II.

Rabbit Drop.

Particles: 12101
Substeps: 3
Sim Time:
------- current SimSOM version : 26 seconds
------- previous SimSOM version: 1 minutes 18 seconds
Frames: 150

Particles: 12101
Substeps: 5
Sim Time:
------- current SimSOM version : 56 seconds
------- previous SimSOM version: 2 minutes 22 seconds
Frames: 150

The colors represent the pressure.

SimSOM is created by me from scratch.

SimSOM is an independnt library, Multiplatform and application independant, it can be easily implemented for any 3D app. My current implementation is for Houdini using its HDK, and all the demos are realized using it.

It is still far from done, and there are tons of ideas fighting in my head to implement, but I already managed to get many parts done or partially done, and I am moving forward, slowly but surely - depending on the amount of free time I can get.

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