The global sex trade is fueled by a demand...and men are the ones perpetuating it.

Over the last 2 years, our supporters have funded some of the best organizations in the world that rescue, restore and reintegrate victims of sexual exploitation...but we've realized that unless we go after the demand, we aren't just being unwise...we're being irresponsible. How much sense does it make to kill a tree by picking its fruit?

Men, we're coming after you. In love. With the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We need new hearts, new desires and new eyes for God's gift of sex.

We're launching production for a full-length documentary called "The Hearts of Men." It'll be a raw, uncensored look at how men fuel the global sex trade with their sexual decisions, who's affected and how the Gospel changes all of it.

Watch Jacob's Story (mentioned in this video):

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