FiLMiC Extreme 48Mbit H.264 footage captured with FiLMiC Pro camera app on the iPhone 4S, edited in Final Cut Pro X. Basically just testing out grading options, sharpness, DOF, highlight clipping, tonality, grain, flares etc. with the iPhone 4S as a serious filmmaking tool! The FiLMiC Pro app really makes a difference.

All footage captured handheld and with the FiLMiC EXTREME quality option, encoding to H.264 at 48Mbit and variable framerate set to 24p. Noise gets all organic looking at such high bitrates. Fantastic.

Make sure to visit and download the 1080p original file on this page for a closer look. :)

Make sure to also take a look at the second test 'Sea Moments' here:

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