perspektiven - multimedia installation
live performance at stadthaus ulm.germany 09|17|2007

friedrich glorian_soundscapes / music
jens doering_video design / visuals
aude lenherr / domenico strazzeri_dance

this video was commissioned by 'strado compagnia danza' for a multimedia dance installation at the stadthaus ulm.germany (architect: richard meier)

the video uses basic geometric strutures, white lines on a black background, inspired by the minimalist design ideas of bauhaus, and the ulm school of design (50s to early 70s).

the first and the third part of the soundscape was performed on a chinese guzheng, using a double bass bow. the layering has been recorded with a looperlative LP1 hardware looper, using eventide eclipse fx and some additional samples.

part two consists of several overlaying beat samples, pitched and arranged using soundtrack pro.

all the three parts have been put together on soundtrack pro, with specific cross fades to transit from one part to the next.

jens doering of created the video by using a small number of frames with geometrical patterns and morphed them manually.

when recording the music, i followed the visual movements as close as possible. and while seeing the white lines, it came naturally to use the harmonic/overtone structure and basic intervals of the chinese guzheng.

quicktime clip of the dance installation performance 09|17|2007 (work in progress 2007)

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