Amplification is a portrait of the body in chaos. Using the car accident as a metaphor for mental/physical disassociation, Amplification examines the thresholds of the human body's response to sound, light and physical impact.

Developed through research conducted at a hospital emergency ward and the Melbourne morgue, Amplification magnifies the 1.6 seconds ‘disassociation' freeze time which occurs at the moment of impact. Skidding, sliding and crashing into a world of body bags, pain, healing, reality and unreality, Amplification deconstructs and reconstructs the site of impact with scientific fascination and a morbid fascination with the body in chaos.

Amplification is an exploration of densely layered, highly technical and studied partnering; revealing the possibilities of death, ritual, burial and torture within the form of an installation.

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This performance of Amplification was presented as a part of Dance Massive (March 2011) at the C.U.B Malthouse.
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