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An edited version of the Sumfink Like disco Mixtape. Songs from the 21st century recut to the disco of the 20th century.

Three differing styles of exploring the Disco vibe - featuring alternate versions of songs you know.


We go super 80`s NYC crazy and pay homage to the tactile, fun (and eventually plastic) side of 80s technology. Back then a imaging process called `scanimate` was popular - which is kind of like a bridge between the analogue world and the digital domain. Being a kid at the time, I`ve always liked how it looked - it gave TV of the time more warm, fuzzy feel compared to later developments of the decade where graphics became more angular, bold and smooth .. the more corporate look was in and 70`s technology was out.

Big huge thanks to all the people I will probably never meet who created the images and those who uploaded them you tube - having recorded these snippets of history and kept them - after all these years - thank you.


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