Sydney breeds a disparity of contrasts. Matt Chojnacki and Otis Carey.

History has taught us that surfers from this concrete jungle tend to be more colourful than most. They were often categorised as 'beatniks' or show ponies’ and in the modern day categorised as a 'hipster'. Perhaps it's the close proximity to the bright lights and mysterious underworld that bring new experiences- often with opportunities and temptations that follow.

Here we have two surfers from opposite ends of the city, surfing together on different boards with alternative approaches. Sounds cliché and standard, and yes the concept is in 2011- but they don’t care, we just capture it in a clip for you to hate or enjoy.

Otis Carey (Aboriginal)
Lives: Bondi (ex Coffs Harbour)
Tongue: 'ehh Cobber'
Haters say- "Cool socks, smelly attitude"
Board: Misfit Dingo Bandito

Matt Chojnacki (Poland/Australia)
Lives: Palm Beach, Long Reef
Tongue: 'yeah....roight'
Haters say- 'ya bloody mal ridin' twinkle toes'
Board: Dano, Gato Heroi Dagger, McTavish Influence

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Song: Diamond Swamp Road
Artist: La Mancha Negra

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