Some of my works from 2003 to 2011.

DUKAT "Yogurts Christmas Special": rigging/animation
Dukatino: rigging/animation
DUKAT bAktiv "A whiff of Brazil": all aspects
Iskon "A TV miracle": animation
Juicy vitamin C: animation, rendering, compositing
DUKAT "Summer Mix": all aspects
T-Com MAXadsl "Lightning Bolt": tracking, animation, rendering, compositing
T-Com MAXadsl "Playstation 2": rigging, animation, rendering, tracking, compositing
PBZ "Shark": modeling, rigging, animation
Snickers Clio: all aspects
DUKAT "bAktiv Winter" spot03: all aspects
ZABA Painter "Car": modeling, rigging, animation
Ants "Preserve the Environment": rigging, animation
DUKAT "bAktiv Winter" spot01: all aspects
"Koko i duhovi" paper plane, bird VFX: all aspects
Opening Segment for the "78th Annual Academy Awards": T-Rex rigging, animation
my first short film "Otok" WIP: rigging, animation

rigging/animation: PMG messiah studio
modeling/rendering: Newtek Lightwave

"The Funky Hump" by Lee Rosevere (

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