YT blocked it, so here you have it again on Vimeo. :)

Ooookay...peoplz, you wanna have a new cover so badly? Here you get one :D
It's a fast production, so please don't be too hard with me ^^"
I still don't have a good camera, so I had to film this with a handy cam.
It's no Multicamera this time, I am sorry ~.~

Played with Ibanez GRG 170DX (double played) and Guitar Rig Settings.
Mostly used Rammfire :)
Used Audio Interface: Cakewalk UA 25EX.
Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 9.

Hope, you enjoy it :)
It's an awesome song and playing it is really...ya, okay, easy but great, too ;D
Comments, rates, whatever are verrrry welcome!

And sorry for bad Video Quality again...

Important: If you want to comment, like whatever please do it at the YT Video which guided you here :)

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