… and its Beijingers” should I say. I filmed it with my Canon 5DMII and a 24-105 mm lens, during the past 10 days. I could have filmed more, I could have filmed by night but it would have been endless. So i finally went home, opened my old computer and started to edit. It’s not “a year in Beijing”, it’s not “a timelapse of the city”. It’s only a video of what i get to see/experience everyday . It’s my Beijing, my city, with sorrow and happiness, with colors and grey, with dust and glitter, with concrete and old brick, with sweat and laziness, with wealth and poverty, with shopping frenzy and spirituality. A city where change, contrasts and surprises are everywhere your eyes bring you.

Thanks a lot for watching !
Jordan Pouille
China correspondent and Beijing based French man

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