This film was made during my Workshop class in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I filmed in an old, abandoned hotel that had been damaged during the Yugoslavian war. I used local actors.
I wanted to portray my love for the hotel and the personality I felt within.

I used several sounds from
Kill Switch (Large Breaker Switch) .WAV by Alvinwhatup2
original 129527__burkay__gullylid-dnr.wav by klankbeeld
horror ambience 11.wav by klankbeeld
creepy 1.wav by ERH
piano_impression1.aif by thanvannispen
The mind of the killer.mp3 by DJ Chronos
inhuman screech.wav by Wolfsinger
Metal Atmosphere 001.mp3 by DJ Chronos
cry M98aL2-16b.WAV by Setuniman
cymbal_roll_quiet_2.wav by davidjwoll
zen gong.wav by djgriffin
eeriehowl.wav by sagetyrtle
dark ambiences 009.wav by DJ Chronos
ERH_p1.2o2bb12_14_alien_sounds_floating-fortress-rwrk.wav by suonho
Loop 1.mp3 by DJ Chronos
deep bass rumble 3.wav by ERH
messed.mp3 by aarondbaron
ambience02.wav by yewbic
breath ambiance.wav by Ebrown15
wind.wav by ERH
ambience03.wav by yewbic

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