Video/Sound Maria Niro & Richard Broomhall 2011

Maria proposed the first word - B I R D -. I pulled images from my collection of birds in the city -I didn't know what Richard would come up with but I was surprised when I saw his pheasant. Apparently he had one sitting in his freezer!

An online installation collaboration between Richard Broomhall and Maria Niro.

WORDS is an evolving moving image collaboration, exploring language, cultural context, chance and the nature of online artistic relationships. Entirely remote from one another, the two artists Maria Niro and Richard Broomhall investigate the power of synchronicity in art. The artists never met in person, never seen the others face or heard the others voice.

Each artist takes a turn in proposing a word. Then they are to create a two minute video with original sound interpreting the proposed word. The work has to be shot in each artist’s lived environment and be a response to said environment. All images and audio must be original. There is no discussion of content or production techniques or direction. Neither watched the others work until both were finished. The videos are then composited as a diptych, with no tweaking to adjust synchronization, and is then uploaded to the internet and available for viewing world wide. The collaboration continues, each Artist both client and creator, remotely communicating only through email, video and sound - neither planning past the next word. They don’t know where the project will go or how it will end only that it is a work in progress, and unlike a hollywood film, it may not have an end and could go on for years.

Maria is based in New York, USA and Richard is based in Bristol, UK. They don’t know where the project will go or how it will end but ask you to accompany them in finding out by checking back regularly and giving your feedback.

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