A short film by Claudia González and Madelín Figueroa made during the 2011 Voces de Cambio Visual Storytelling Workshop, an 8-week video production course held in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

In La Importancia De Ser Bonita Madelín and Claudia speak to a wide range of women about what beautiful means to them and look at how unrealistic depictions of women in television, movies and magazines work to inform those views.

Voces de Cambio (Voices of Change) is an after-school program for young women with the goal of creating a supportive and creative environment where our participants can begin to challenge deeply ingrained and destructive social norms that preclude them from contributing to the development of a just and democratic society.

This video is covered under a Create Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike license. This means you free to copy, distribute and share this video as long as you credit Voces de Cambio. No commercial usage, please.

For more information on our program visit us at vocesdecambio.org

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