When: October 5th 2010
Where: UW arboretum
Why: Found the Love of my life!
What: A Proposal starring...

Nicole (Barrie) Flood as the receiver of the Proposal
Craig Flood as the giver of the Proposal
Kurt Haisch as the Man on the Rope/champagne opener
Ryan Barrie as the Rose pedal Dropper/Rope maintenance
Ryan Flood as the Rowboat Photographer
Matt Flood as the Rowboat driver
Michael Barrie as the Rowboat DJ
Vitaly Manchick as the Scuba Diver

Men Behind the camera:
Person --------- Equipment ---------- Angle/location

Ryan Barrie - I phone 4g - from the top of the bridge
Richard Flood - Nikon D5000 - Perpendicular to the bridge
Mark Grubb - Old camera/mini DV - Parallel with the bridge


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