Artist: Maurice
Song: Mistake

Directed and Edited by Jonathan Krauth
Producer/Art Director: Michelle Allan
Sound Recording/Editing: Yonny Vizcaya

Not too often do JK and I have a ‘crush’ on the same man, but JP Maurice kinda does it for both of us. He pulled his short bus up to the back of Zulu Records on 4th Ave wearing a pink Girls Gone Wild Toque and a big old smile. When we asked him about the toque he told us he picked it up at a gas station on the way back from Pop Okanogan in Kelowna. When he brought it up for purchase the clerk asked him, “are you really going to buy that?” JP felt that if he didn’t, no one ever would.

Maurice and his band mates, Ian Lougheed on bass, Jason Cook on snare and Al Hannigan on guitar, all wore vintage military jackets and took the record store by storm, playing “Mistake” off the Noverdubs EP.

The EP was recorded as a documentary project produced by Innovative Imageworks in which none of the musicians were given the music to learn beforehand. All tracks were learned and recorded within a two day period and the results are mesmerizing.

The Entire Noverdubs EP is avalible for download here:

Hosted by: Zulu Records

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