I wanted to focus on the sheer variety of sports & events that Red Bull sponsors . I played on the physical Red Bull can , with the idea of the 'Can Do' positive attitude of the highly motivated individuals that red bull funds.

I came up with 'Can + Do'
a phrase that evokes energy and motivation to achieve goals,
tied in with the iconic red bull can.

I have used rotoscoping with watercolour paints in conjunction with expressive free animation. Taking inspiration from several red bull sponsored events, tours and sports including skateboarding , surfing, breakdancing , Dj competitions & Formula 1.

The person depicted in the last shot is a red bull sponsored breakdancer who has wings tattooed on his back. I thought it made a nice reference to Red Bulls infamous tag line and was a nice way to end
the animation.

Animation - Matt Box
Music - Courtesy of Red Bull

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