There are not many artists from Slovenia /Europe who transcend their conceptual growth as far as Marko Peljhan from Nova Gorica /Slovenia has managed to do so far.

Each time his work touches me a doubt raising questions seem to be an immediate reaction. I do understand yet I dont.

Observing his latest exibition /installation in Galerija Napredka, Solkan /Slovenia makes no exeption.

I reacted to his visual concept exposed within few framed images in the gallery space, a join venture collaboration, so it seems, with another artist Carlsen Nicolai, made me decide this time to actively participate to their effort and pay tribute to their thinking.

It is a short homage to their message and a provocative self questioning process to my doubt orientated mind Should I understanding what I see, what I should see or should not be there at all.

Doubt with Overlayed Transciption.

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