A collection of moments from Rabbit Island this past July and August—

Leaving from Lahti creek on the Keweenaw mainland and approaching the island.
A view of the island from the Southwest point (Eagle Point) guest-starring Honey, one of four canines that visited the island this summer.
Underneath Big Leanie, the white pine hanging out on the East side of the island.
Busy bees in the fireweed.
Waves at Mustard Seat (Northeast area).
Waves at the Northern point of the island.
A hollow stump in the woods.
The remnants of Berg's old fishing cabin (1890s).
Caterpillars ravaging a certain type of bush near the main camp.
Andrew and Rob putting in a mooring made up of an old recycled semi-truck disc drum and stones.
Calm day on the East side of the island.
Eagle chase.
Walking the coast (sorry if it makes you dizzy!)
Some visiting musicians warming up (check out the great recordings here (mostlymidwest.com/?p=2571) and here (mostlymidwest.com/?p=2598)).
Gentle waves at Gull Rock.
View from Gull Rock back to Rabbit Island.
Swimming back to the island.
Waves getting heavy.
Sleepy bats that were hiding behind a wetsuit on the unfinished wall in the Adirondack shelter.
Waves criss-crossing at Eagle Point.
A humbling storm (this is after it had calmed down a bit as well, read more about it here (kickstarter.com/blog/catching-up-with-rabbit-island)).
Waves, looking North along the Western side of the island.
Eagle flying behind Mustard Seat.
Lake Superior, placid.

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