Well, this is the "short" video we made after travelling to Mallorca to check the psicobloc! You can check out also the photos in my article on my website svilen.info :)

All of the superb shaky video is filmed with my gopro, and yeah we couldn't see the videos during the filming to do something against shaking like adding more ropes or shit, but anyway it's cool like it is!

Aaah we were there in the middle of october 2011!

Also kinda funny and lifestyle video than pure climbing video, as we were too lazy to film more and too weak to climb hard :D Anyway, we'll be back for sure to do some hard shit and also film some hard shit over there!

I didn't add subtitles because this shouldn't be subtitled, but you can ask me for specific sentences used :P

Also we hope that the four guys studying in Barcelona found their cannon left in Cala Serena (we waited till sunset and then left it on the table, hope it was the right decision)!

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