I'm not sure what to be more excited about. Getting my hands on the SLR Magic 12mm f1.6 (The world's fastest lens in this focal length)? Or the fact that Jason Hook and Angelica Jamison dropped by to prepare a family style meal for some friends. Tough call.

I've only had the lens for about 24 hours so its too soon to write an official review, but so far so good. The best way to describe it? A low-light, wide angle, macro lens :)

Dinner? Jason and Angel never disappoint.

charcuterie, etc.. speck. chorizo. porchetta. rosette de lyon

artisanal cheeses. marinated olives. country Dijon whipped hummus.

lemon. toasted naan bread

blue crab. roasted pipperade

kimchee. honeycrisp apple. radicchio. cherry honey

cinderella pumpkin bisque. house croutons. brown butter. Sage

hydroponic greens. amish bleu. dried cherries. shaved asian pear. black walnuts. white balsamic

adult mac & cheese. imported taleggio. local five year gouda. XXX sharp cheddar

angus new york strip. apple cider gastrique. butternut, acorn, & spaghetti squash. marble fingerlings. brussels sprouts.

bread pudding. brioche. chocolate-grand marnier. salted caramel. vanilla bean

All footage shot with the SLR Magic 12mm f1.6 on a Lumix GF2. Excuse the poor focus as I don't really know what i'm doing.

Jason and Angel are opening a NEW restaurant in the spring called H2O Kitchen in Powder Valley, PA. For the time being? check out jamisonpublickhouse.com/

Track - The Cinematic Orchestra - Ode To The Big Sea

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