This is my entry for the Red Bull Canimation competition.

I went into this animation without a storyboard or animatic, just a simple idea that could be taken to progressively more fun and complex levels. I created the bouncing of the cans by using replacements, each one slightly more crushed than the previous. This meant I had to have a lot of empty Red Bull cans which was a good excuse to buy a ridiculous amount of the stuff.

I have always enjoyed using stop motion to give inanimate objects life, so the end of my film where the other cans stop bouncing and begin to express worry and fear about their lost brother was particularly fun to work on.

I created a simple rigging system to hold the cans up in the air mid bounce using old wire coat hangers and some plasticine. This seemed ideal while animating but it soon became a nightmare in post production as the bottoms of the rig intereacted with the shadow of the cans. Luckily I had some help from friends to speed up the process.

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