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Find out why #Canada got an 'F' for protecting drinking water: @ThoughtBubbler @ecojustice_ca

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Ecojustice is a 'national charitable organization dedicated to defending Canadians' right to a healthy environment."

Their latest hurdle involves clean drinking water, and what you probably didn't know is that our federal government here in Canada got a whopping 'F' for failing to protect our drinking water.

What does that involve? Not just the treatment of already polluted water, but preventing it from being polluted in the first place.

As you'll see in this Thought Bubble, actions range anywhere from government efforts to raise awareness, to individual efforts to stop dumping drugs in the toilet, and keep your yards free of harmful pesticides and fertilizers.


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Sound Design and Music Composition by Allan Levy

Illustration and Animation by JinKyung Myung

Narrated by Steve Bowyer

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