Controlling the layout of nodes in Drupal have now for many years been a quest only for those brave and knowledgeable, unless you were satisfied with the basic layouts, or like having fun with field & node.tpl files.
Sure moving fields around the node.tpl is pretty easy with very little knowledge of Drupals inner workings.

But when the design needs a field to be placed outside the node (as a block) or that special block needs to be added into you node, the fun really begins before long you knee deep into preprocess hooks, moving elements around black holes, general module fiddeling & general mayhem. it might work now, but we all knows it will burn you in 7 months, and the Drupalfrustration(tm) will start.

The Display Suite module(s) was written with one thing in mind: Getting the Frontend developers to stop nagging & make the life easier for the developer.

The side effect is that we now have a tool that gives the sitebuilder more power to use drupal as a prototype tool, beeing the perfect sidekick for Views & the ton of node-[contenttype].tpl files that are floating around.
Generally make the life easier for both Markup Anal Frontend developers, site builders & Developers... its that awesome a tripple win.

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