In this video I wanted to emulate what the sleeping process might look like if we could record it If we assume a dream is a summarization of everything that you experienced in a day.

I filmed everything that happened to me on the 11/11/2011
and edited it and datamoshed it following the different stages of the sleeping process (NREM and REM stages) the REM (rapid eye motion, a stage close to awake) is depicted as really quickly cut sequences of elements of the day, the NREM, when the brain is emitting really low frequences and known as Deep State, is depicted as datamoshed.

I decided to use the 2:39 aspect ratio to simulate more the human vision.
All the footages were filmed with a Canon EOS 7D with lenses:
Nikon 50mm 1.2
Zeiss 20mm 2
Samyang 35mm 1.4

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