An interactive Art Experience made at Exile Jam II 2011. Graphic design and interaction logic by Simon Nielsen, sound design and additional object shapes by Anders Børup.

Defiantly and self-consciously too "artsy" for an event like Exile Jam, this project had a better audience response than we'd hoped for.

Basically, this is a product of taking sound and visual design seriously, and forgetting about game mechanics for a weekend. If one were to force a game taxonomy onto it, one might call it a landscaping simulator. But there's no reason to, since "Art Experience!" is a so much better description.

A very specific hard- and software setup is required to run this thing. It will therefore only be available to play for a select few and only when we feel like it.

Thanks: Vallekilde, Tim, and Jesper for making Exile happen. Our mates in the Copenhagen Game Collective, especially Sebbe for performing at the presentation. Also, the Blender Foundation for Blender 3D, and Plogue Software for Bidule.

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