For the "One Day on Earth" 11.11.11 project, US Veterans Day 2011: Marine Cpl. David Harlan and his companion dog, Charley, a gift from the California non-profit "Pets for Vets." Overcoming PTSD and TBI, David and Charley bond in a healing way -- Charley, once scheduled to be put down, now serves as a healing companion to David, and their bond is this story. Deflecting fear, anger, lonliness, these two save each other.
Technical: 2-hours+ hi-def 720p60 Panasonic HVX-200 video, plus GoPro2 "Charley Cam" MPG4 video, edited with Final Cut Pro 7
Music: "Ivy" by Active Child, Vagrant Records US, August 2011, (a fabulous album!)
ODOE Note: we've captured 3-hours of CNN pool coverage of the Arlington national Veterans Day service in 1080i60.

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