"It is only because tomorrow is uncertain that today has any meaning at all."

This is the text from Caspar's final slide and words well worth remembering and embracing. As much as the vast majority of us hate risk & uncertainty it is ironically those things that actually give our lives meaning and the potential for happiness & fulfilment.

Caspar Berry is a longtime friend to the Thinking Digital Conference and Codeworks, the company which produces Thinking Digital. Caspar is unusually bright, engaging, caring and professional. He's a former poker player and entrepreneur, and is a professional speaker catalysing change in some of the world’s most successful companies. Using poker as a metaphor, his entertaining and thought provoking presentation “Risk Taking and Decision Making in Poker, Business and Life” forces people to examine and overcome their fear of failure.

The Thinking Digital Conference is an annual gathering of creatives, innovators, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and techies. Each May, 700 Thinkers gather over 3 days to explore and celebrate the ideas and innovations that are changing our world.

For the latest info on the Thinking Digital Conference please sign up here.. eepurl.com/huXQM.


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