N 4.0 is an interactive multimedia performance based on the real-time interaction between sound, movement and light. The perspective of the visuals alter on the basis of where the performance takes place. The graphics are modified simultaneously on the basis of sound frequencies and the instantaneous analysis of the dancer’s movements.

The work was presented for the first time in 2011 on the occasion of the art competition ‘Celeste Prize’ in New York at the Invisible Dog Art Center. On that occasion, Simon Courchel improvised his performance right in front of the installation.
Music by fuse*: soundcloud.com/fuse-soundcloud/plaxippus

Year: 2011

Premiere at: Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn NY, 2011
Other performances: Digital Graffiti Festival 2012, Alys Beach (Florida-USA)
Performers: Simon Courchel
Awards: Celeste Prize 2011 – Best Live Media Performance

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