All modeling, texturing and lighting by me - with the exception of tree models that came from XFrog, Inc.

Interesting challenges on this reel were:

* Getting Maya ocean wakes dialed in for a lazy afternoon paddle - I think they're designed to do better at the big stuff, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

* The hair is all geo hair except for her bangs, so a lot of thought & work had to go into the modeling & texturing there. The mia_x material was a big help.

* Moving characters and a moving camera meant a lot of jitter in the final renders - using a Mitchell filter helped a lot on the character, but made things worse on the trees and water, so the character is on a separate pass. Compressing the video for upload also helped smooth things out quite a bit.

* Positioning & color grading of hero trees, tree cards, and background plates for a believable environment. Most of the way there on this one - but of course I can always see room for improvement.

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