Playing around with the doublestaffs. I still love the flow of these. 86cm 0.5mm wall british titanium.
I haven't really posted much training footage before but thought it would be fun to share what i'm exploring at the moment. I'll post some long staff, poi and swords stuff soon.
P.S. ignore the grumpy dan face. long days and nights in that training room!

Music: Phaeleh - Lounge
Music is always such an inspiration for the movements. It's a pure connection with the vibrations that focus form and energy. It fills the infinite and is perpetual, only the listening is intermittent .
It colours my world and brings an inexpressible joy to me. It brings me peace when contemplating true scale.
To dance and move and feel the ripples right through to my fingertips... to touch the sky and the earth with my fire... to have the tears stream down my face and laugh at the joy, the beauty, the immensity of complexity and depth... These are the purest moments of my life.

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