Vicky was 17 years old when a group of LRA soldiers ambushed her home. Out of the four children who were in the hut that night, Vicky was the only one abducted.

She moved with the LRA and although she was promised freedom, remained with them for one year. During that time, Vicky was forced to become a wife to one of the soldiers, and was subjected to regular violence and abuse.

In an ambush on the rebel group, Vicky was shot three times. It was during that attack that she decided to make her escape. Navigating her way through the bush in pain and alone, Vicky found a woman and begged for her help. Vicky was taken to the local army barracks where she received treatment for her wounds and later moved to a rehabilitation center and received counseling. It wasn’t until she had finished the program that Vicky was reunited with her family.

Despite all of her hardships, Vicky is determined to give a better life to her children. She joined Invisible Children’s Mend program, knowing that it would help her to provide for Flavia, Mercy, and Byron.

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