When she was just 14, Lucy awoke one night to LRA soldiers ambushing her home. Her older sister moved quickly and managed to escape abduction. Lucy was taken, despite her mother’s pleas.

As the group trudged past neighboring huts, the rebels asked Lucy if there were other girls nearby. Wanting to protect them, Lucy denied that any were around. She later paid dearly for attempting to deceive the rebels.

Lucy was trained in battle tactics – learning how to fight and handle guns. Later, she was given as a wife to one of the top commanders and eventually became a caretaker for the rebels – giving treatment and dressing their wounds. She spent 7 years in captivity before she managed to escape.

After escaping with her daughter, Hope, Lucy began to rebuild her life. Now that she works at Mend, she is able to provide for her two children – Hope and Jodie.

Find out more about Mend here: mend.co/
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