New York wedding cinematographers
NY wedding videography //
filmed and edited by Jon Armendariz

This Rock the Dress film was shot with Canon 5D MKII and 7D in low saturated colors, low contrast (neutral profile setting). Music for this piece was found before production. Once I heard it, I knew it was the perfect song for this film. Prior to shooting that day we listened to the song on an iPhone which helped the couple understand what l was going for. I already knew the 'feel' I wanted before the shoot but didn't know where we were exactly going and what specifically we were shooting. Luckily we came across these giant lights on the streets of Manhattan at night that I utilized as best I could to capture the dramatic visuals. I kept it to extreme tight shots by pairing the 7D w/ 50mm or 5D+100mm/70-200 with the intention of going for an intimate feel. Wides were captured only a few times to show each scene once and for a few Glidecam shots (most Glide shots were on a 50mm). I kept it as shallow as possible for closeups to further isolate the couple from the background and added a slightly reddish-orange tint to the mid tones while pulling the highs to teal in hopes of slightly 'warming' up this Black & White piece (which further added to the soothing, intimate feel) in COLOR + overlaid a 16mm stock clip (very little) to add some texture to the otherwise super-smooth DSLR footage which I felt went well with the music. Thanks for watching

::: Equipment :::
Glidecam on 24mm 1.4 + 50mm 1.2
70-200 2.8 and Zeiss 100mm for closeups
Monopod (561 BHDV) and tripod
Cinevate Atlas 30

One cinematographer

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