From the start of his career over three years ago, Ryan Gates has been building his own pro-model street car. Since the day he bought his own Mitsubishi Evo X, every race he won and every sponsorship he gained was another small piece in its development. Finally, a car modeled after his Evo X, the world’s fastest Evo X, is up for grabs; the 311RS. Looking to unveil this new monster with more than just a tweet, Gates asked Colt Seman and Jonny Zeller of Film Matters to help him tell the story.

For a car with a custom Etnies interior, an engine that AMS stole from the future, and vanity “311RS” Girodisc rotors, Film Matters couldn’t afford to go small. Thanks to Snaproll Media’s helicopters, Hot Rod Cameras providing some Panasonic Lumix GH2s hacked with their PL mounts, and CineToys’ GearNex gear heads, small wasn’t a problem. Throw in Mole-Richardson’s as-yet-unreleased LED singles, a few GoPro Hero 2s, and enough F-Stop Gear packs to keep it all safe on track and you’ve got a production worthy of the 311RS. Did I mention it all happened at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA? Check out for news, updates, and of course the short film “The 311RS Project,” coming soon.
-Tim Frazier

Behind the scenes:
Viet Q. Mac
Paul Ferradas

Gear used in the behind the scenes:
Canon 7d and Canon 5D Mark II
Glidecam HD1000, glideshot 4ft jib, kessler pocket dolly

311RS Production:
Film Matters
Director: Jonny Zellar
Producer: Colt Seman

311RS Sponsors:
Snaproll Media
Hotrod Cameras
Mole Richardson
Sims Raceway
F-stop Gear Bags

Gear Used on 311RS Production
2 RED Epics
2 GH2 Hotrod Cameras PL
Canon 7D Hotrod PL
Canon 5D Hotrod PL
Gearnex Head
Miller 150mm Bowl Sticks
Cooke Lens Set
5 Small HD DP6 Monitors
12 4x5 Filters
Mole Light set
and much more...

Freestylers-Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)
Mama Bear-Rare Monk
In For The Kill- Skrillex Remix

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