The International Worldviews Conference on Higher Education and Media

June 2011 Toronto Ontario Canada

Higher education affects every aspect of our lives – from the economy and the environment, to culture and communications. While the media play a critical role in shaping public understanding of this institution, little discussion has taken place about how that influence is manifested – or about how, in turn, higher education uses the media to mold how the public perceives it.

The International Worldviews Conference on Higher Education and Media in June 2011 in Toronto, Canada, not only examined these issues, but explored the importance of doing so.

The 2011 inaugural conference looked at a range of important issues, including:

How media coverage of higher education has changed over the past two decades and where it is headed.

The impact of social media and how it is changing what is covered and how higher education is understood.

The role the media play in influencing public policy debates on public education.

How higher education engages with the media to inform public opinion.

The different realities of the developing and developed worlds

These issues were examined in a format designed to maximize participation and discussion.

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