An exhibition of new works by Mark Alsweiler and Max Berry. Addressing the loss of the noble savage and the resulting dichotomy between reverie and the everyday.

Max Berry Lives and works in Sydney Australia, his work depicts meditative landscapes and seemingly vulnerable figures, whose calm isolation prompts the viewer to consider the relationship between the actual and the spiritual, agency and fate and the narrative in which they may co-exist.

Mark Alsweiler, born in New Zealand, now living an working out of Sydney has an affinity with the imagery of yesteryear which forms the basis of his work. His instantly recognizable acrylic paintings and wooden sculptures often involve themes revolving around a world of contrasts. Alsweiler's work sees the beautiful cooperation of opposites and a union where contradiction becomes complement.

Show opens Thursday November 24 at 6pm and continues until December 11.


Shot on a variety of cameras, this short clip, shot over a half year time frame, shows but a fraction of the time and effort that Max and Mark have put into their forthcoming Brisbane collaborative show.

Archive Footage - © Bob Swerer 2003
Music - © Mr. Airplane Man 2001

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