High-resolution interactive images of animal hide paintings give an unprecedented view of these 18th-century artifacts that depict early encounters in New Mexico’s history.

Focusing on bringing out the incredible detail of historical battle scenes painted on animal hides sometime in the 18th century, the Segesser Hides interactive experience consists of two tracks that visitors can fluidly weave between while exploring high-resolution images. A tour mode gives visitors the story of the hides and the scenes within them in a linear presentation; another free-form, self-directed mode allows visitors to manipulate the images, to zoom in on details and pan across the hides, to uncover curatorial insight as their curiosity dictates. Developed as both an online experience and an on-site interactive kiosk, this hybrid interactive allows the museum to share these unique paintings with audiences beyond Santa Fe.

For complete project credits visit: secondstory.com/portfolio/works/segesser-hides

Museum of New Mexico Foundation

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