A small breakdown of the shots that I worked on this spot for Ovi Maps.

It not usual for me to work with design studios, since I'm more related to invisible visual effects, but actually it was really fun thanks to Tomi Dieguez and the crew at Punga.

The job consisted on color correction, layer pass compositing, tweaking and adjusting some things that went bad on rendering, etc., everything except the "Scan" and "Polaroid" effects.

Hope you enjoy it!

Freelance job for Punga!, September 2011.

Additional Credits:

Punga Team:
Tomi Dieguez
Maud Beckers
Facu (duke)
Rodier Kidman
Facu (labo)
Juan Casal
Fran Vecchi
Ago Carrera
Cesar Pelizer

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