Interview with Raúl Capote, also known as Agent Daniel.

Raúl Capote had a secret mission: To create a foundation made up of young leaders who would take charge when Cuba’s socialist government collapsed.

The existence of the foundation, called Genesis, was to be revealed only after the Cuban revolution fell.
Said Capote:

It was a project of the CIA.

Capote, a university professor, said the CIA recruited him to lead the effort in 2005. What the spy agency didn’t know, Capote said, is that he was a double agent who was reporting back to Cuban intelligence officials.
He said his No. 1 goal, as Agent Daniel, was to “defend my country.”

Capote is the former vice president of the Association Hermanos Saiz in Cienfuegos. He said American officials at the U.S. Interests Section in Havana took interest in him in the late ’90s, starting a relationship that lasted years.

U.S. officials soon offered to help finance and promote a literary agency that Capote would manage. It was to be called Agencia Literaria Cubana Online.
The U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, provided financial support and scholarships. The non-profit Pan American Development Foundation, or PADF, assisted with the effort.

Capote said he believes American officials didn’t just want to start a literary agency. They wanted to:

- Cultivate young Cuban intellectuals who were disillusioned with the country’s direction.
- Form a leadership organization – the Genesis Foundation.
- Establish a U.S.-supported team of allies that would lead Cuba in the post-Castro era.

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