Some "real world" examples to show a few of the shots that can be achieved using the Mobislyder.

Spent an hour running around the new Glasgow Riverside Museum with the family before it shut, and grabbed a random selection of shots using a pre production Mobislyder.

Keep in mind that ALL I used was a Mobislyder an iPhone and some imagination. No tripods, lights or anything fancy. Just what was around me.

Shot, trimmed and edited on an iPhone 4 (wish I had a 4s), added some titles in Vegas, then uploaded to Vimeo.

Ordinarily you would only use an occasional sliding shot to add some "spice" to your video.

Throwing clip after clip together like this tends to detract from the impact these moves can have in your production. Less is more!

As usual, I am positive you guys will out do me and come up with some AMAZING footage showcasing your Mobislyders.

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