Thank you to all the people who helped make my ‘Banned on the Hill’ show happen in Ottawa. Eighty-two people from around the world contributed $4,226 to pay for six street level posters (like bus shelter posters) on the streets of Ottawa -- just around the corner from the Parliament Buildings. Many people also came to my blacklisting party to show support. And almost 5,000 have signed the Care2 petition -- plus tweeted and shared the news on Facebook!

Colin Mutchler, Co-Founder, LoudSauce:
"Your Banned on the Hill campaign is very powerful. The fact that you're getting people online to drive something to happen in a real space is profoundly different and potentially disruptive. It will be even more meaningful, than perhaps the show would have been in Europe, for the culture of Canada, for the conversation around what's important, and for how we combat climate change. I'm super inspired. Hoping that we can really inspire others to rock in the same way, and change the world."

If you're wondering why my show is called ‘Banned on the Hill’...

It's because I got "banned on the Hill".... (And I've got ATIP documents to prove it.) The backstory is that my 20-city European art show got canceled as a result of bad-mouthing by the Canadian Government who told my show producer not to exhibit my climate change art because "Don't you know this artists speaks against the Canadian Government?"

The real truth is I speak against dirty oil and weak-willed government policies that don't make polluters pay. My protest artshow asked Prime Minister Harper to "Stop Blacklisting Environmental Messengers".

Please visit to read more about the blacklisting and how I'm fighting back.

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