‘Party in the city’, is an interactive installation viewed in stereoscopic image that on a large projection screen or on white wall.

In the beginning the background image of city and flowers are pale gray images. They are gradually transformed into colored image like painting by viewer's motions of body and hands. When all flowers burst into colored blossom, the screen turns into night view. Colored images turn back to the gray images like erasing by viewer's interaction and the flowers send fireworks have erased petals into the night sky,

The first occurrence of monochrome image of a cold, gray city is expressing of the cold impersonality of some modern cities. To change the screen as the flowers are painted in colors means like a fairy tale which is warm, wonderful and beautiful city of flower’s story.
Also the flowers are looking at a new beginning and one step closer to paradise that is what we want to. It ends as flowers are enjoying the fireworks and hold their own party celebrate something all was asleep at night. You can imagine what they celebrate.

The stop motion images of flower’s blossom is playing with viewer’s interaction which makes the viewer feel that they are drawing with their own hand and body as a painter. By presenting the directive real painting images, it can relieve the cold and hard sense of digital beam forming media and induce the viewers to feel the warm sense of memory in analog painting.
This art work invites the viewers to have an artistic activity to form the relationship and to communicate among the viewers, author, art work and technology. Furthermore, by reconstruction of the stereoscopic space we attempt to break the spatial limitation of the traditional paintings.

Technical statement

This is a 3D interactive installation that invites the audience to play with drawing and erasing flowers. All images(background, flowers and leaves) are drawn on canvas and are taken pictures for getting texture data. Specially, each flower are taken pictures in the intervals of painting from beginning to completion for animated effect. The Images are placed in 3D space and the movement of flowers and fireworks are programmed in C++ with OpenGL. A Kinect is used for recognition of audience's position and movement in dark showroom. Therefore, there is no limit of participants in the interaction. We improved the accuracy of interaction by setting the valid distance of the interaction from the sensor. When audience stands or moves in front of the screen, the Kinect recognizes the movement of the audience and near flowers were painted progressively. The animated flowers make the audience recognize the interaction between their movement and feel they paint by themselves. When all flowers were painted or erased, the scene is changed to the next scene. If only a few flowers were left non-interactive, they begin to change automatically. The 3D installation can be changed to 2D installation by setting the virtual camera's position according to the display environment.

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