This is a green screen project BEFORE I actually studied compositing and visual effects. Sure, there's no light wrap, but I'm am very happy with how it came out, considering I knew very little about removing green screens at the time.

I was cinematographer on the project and since it was green screen, we shot the plates first and then moved into the green screen room to shoot the actors.

When we shot, we got a number of takes with the "cloned" character in different positions.

This allowed me to then layer the different performances of the same actor once I brought it into editing.

I also edited this entire piece in Final Cut Pro and used Keylight to remove the green screen.

And the easter egg in this short is the sound effect I used for when a new replica of the "cloned" character appears.

The sound is actually the film's first AD farting into the mic. You may not think it's funny, but I do, and I am happy that I got to edit it in. (yes, I did the editing, too)

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